Welcome !
Hello, and Welcome!  I have established this web page so that I can share my wonderful Aussies with you.  Feel free to wander around, I hope you will enjoy your stay!
I am a third generation dog fancier, both my parents and grandparents raise, trained and showed dogs. Samoyeds were my grandmother's first passion.  She began raising Pomeranians in her later years, when a smaller breed became easier to manage.
My mother, Nancy Friedhoff, devoted more than 35 years of her life to her lovely shelties. Mom, and her first sheltie, Princess, enjoyed upper-level obedience and drill team competitions.  As her love for the breed grew, Mom began breeding and showing her shelties under her kennel name, NARIPA (an acronym for her first three children.)  In 1963, Mom had the privilege of  watching  her first conformation bitch, Ch. Lingard Naripa Rapsody, CD, compete at the prestegious Westminster Kennel Club Show in Madison Square Garden.  I can not imagine the thrill she must have felt  when Sody was named "Best of Breed!"
My father, Larry Friedhoff, began his career raising and training working German Shepherds.  Not long after they married, my parents purchased a small kennel in Mt. Airy, MD.  Together, they made great contributions to the betterment of the dog show community and the Shetland Sheepdog breed. 
As a child, I too had a sheltie, Naripa Windsong, CD,  (Windy for short.)  Windy was my childhood companion who helped me grow in many ways. Together we learned what it meant to be successful by obtaining a Companion Dog title, by winning the county 4-H Obedience and Fitting and Showing competition, and then going on to compete in the Maryland State Fair. She also taught me how painful it could be when you lose your best friend.
In 1982, I had the pleasure of meeting my first Aussie while working for Animal Control.  A beautiful, intelligent blue "wiggle-butt" was brought into the shelter--he truly stole my heart!  I spent that winter researching the breed and purchased my first Aussie in the spring of 1983 -- I have not been without one since! 
Today my husband, Kevin, and I live with our four-legged children in the small town of Mt. Airy, MD.  Jazz is our foundation bitch; she is a therapy dog who enjoys competing in obedience, tracking, herding and most of all, agility.  I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Frank Baylis (Bayshore Kennel and Farm) for allowing Jazz to come live in our home.
After working for Animal Control for 18 years, and being an ARPH Rep.,  I am well aware of the pet overpopulation problem in this country.  It is for this reason that I will limit the number of litters that I am willing to produce.  Prior to planning a litter, I give careful consideration to the temperment and genetic background of both parents. My dogs have their eyes checked for genetic defects (CERF) annually. They also have their hips checked for dysplasia (OFA) prior to ever being included in any breeding program.  Puppies will be sold to approved homes only.  To help control the number of unwanted litters, all pets will be sold under a spay/neuter contract.  If you are interested in obtaining more information about Aussies in general, or when I may be planning a litter, please feel free to contact me at kpyoung@prodigy.net.