The Rainbow Bridge ...
Tag, your time here was far too short.
When you heard your brother calling;
and like every good puppy, you answered.
Now he has you too keep him company until you both can re-unite with your Mom.
Dedicated to our Family members who will forever live in our hearts
        A Distant Shore
                                         by Patti Young

Your time on earth has come and gone.
Now our saddened hearts will forever long.

Until that day when we long no more.
When we see your face on that distant shore.

Keep each other company, like you did in our yard.
I'll hold back the tears, thought it's very hard.

Until that day, in a far off land...
When once again, you will kiss my hand.
Smokey innitially came to me as a two year old rescue dog.  I was contacted by a local community that was concerned that he would be hit by a car as his "hobby" was to cross a major highway to chase the local cattle.  Smokey was immediately neutered, and spent the next 15 years raising my two young boys.  Smokey crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 17 ... yet he still lives on in our hearts!
Dar was my heart and sole ... I still cry when I think about him.  He was Jazz's first born boy; I knew he would be staying with me from the day he was born. He always had a smile on his face, and was happy doing whatever I asked him to do.  He became my agility dog, my service dog, my loyal companion - He time on earth was cut way to short ... I will never forget that lone shining star in the early moring sky - I told you it was OK to leave me; you let me know that you were finally free ... Until we meet again ... my beautiful blue boy ...