Stella, aka "Miss Pretty"                                           Santa's little helper...
Blizzard 2009...lovin' the snow!

Nell and her "sister" Jesse ...

Kipper is in PA living with Bob       

Chrima's Eye of the Tiger - Prowler

Kayla - living in Highland, MD with the Modine Family -- Kayla looks like Grandma Jazz!!
Kona Korona -- gee, where did she get her name??

Kona hopes to be doing agility some day with Robin and Karen
Chrima's Park Avenue                            Finally, a moment of rest!                 Parker BVASC Show
Dar/Ember litter -- Born  September 30, 2008
Chrima's Winds of Change           X         Oak n Ash Chrima Remember When
             "Dar"                                                                  "Ember"
Words can't express how special this litter is to me - as everyone who knows me knows that Dar was truly my heart and sole!  Ember was bred to Dar on August 4, 2008 ( and to think I almost let this season slip by!)  Just a few short weeks later, Dar began displaying symptoms of a neurological disorder.  After extensive diagnostic tests, Dar was diagnosed with GME .  Dar was constantly under the care of Bush Neurology (Leesburg, VA) and Peachtree Vet Clinic  - with the combined efforts of all of the vets and staff, I was able to keep Dar with me for one joyous year!  Unfortunately, Dar crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 18, 2009 -- I still cry when I think about my beautiful blue boy! 

Fortunately -- Stell, Nell, Parker are all close enough that I see them on a weekly basis to remind me what a special boy Dar really was..... As Joe so kindly reminded me - these babies were gifted with Dar's loving smile -- and that everytime one of the babies smiles at me, their Daddy smiling too.....

Kira is truly my "Once in a Lifetime" puppy, and she is definitely "Daddy's little girl!"